Baby Boy & the Earthly Delights


What do surrealist painter, Hieronymus Bosch, and reggae have in common? Both artistic expressions are at the forefront of the roots-rock/reggae-inspired group Baby Boy & the Earthly Delights.

Self-Titled Debut EP

Who are Baby Boy & the Earthly Delights? 

Think of The Clash's dabble into reggae with Sandinista! and you're close to the vibe the Earthly Delights are going for. Either way, "What U Want (Ain’t What U Need)" is the perfect jam for the warming weather. 

 The Earthly Delights are also a marvel to see live. Baby Boy is a self-appointed art nerd who isn't afraid of theatrics. 

 "I also want the listening experience to have a look, taste and feel. I’m looking to carve out and convey that the band is an experience - you will see lots of pastels, masquerade masks, and flowers ... I want to recreate the Bosch painting on stage," Baby Boy says. 

 "What U Want (Ain’t What U Need)" is the first of two singles to preview for the band’s Self-Titled EP, a collection of six tracks meant to invigorate during these confusing times. The upcoming single "Day by Day," is a mantra for dealing with the quarantine - take it day by day.


What U Want (Ain't What U Need)

Baby Boy and the Earthly Delights

First Single off our Self-Titled Debut EP

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Press / Reviews

"With a sense of love, acceptance, and celebration, Baby Boy and the Earthly Delights nods to its predecessors while taking roots/reggae music to new heights." 

- Emma Hole, Medium

The latest single "What U Want (Ain’t What U Need)" immediately grabs the listener's attention with its bumping trumpet blare and bluesy guitar lick only to be met by the mesmerizing vocals of Baby Boy. Together with his band of virtuosos, Baby Boy sings of a coming revolution from our current generation of greed.

- Presstown

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5-song self-titled debut EP (2021)
Day by Day - Single (2021)
What U Want (Ain’t What U Need) - Single (2021) 
Stepping Stones Demo Tape (2018) 

Have played with artists/bands such as: 
Current Swell 
The Steadies 
Carter and the Capitals 
Jon Middleton 
Jash and the Winos 
Humble Musik 

Tours and Festivals:
West Canadian summer tour w/ The Steadies & Tanjeryne (2021)
Astral Harvest (2019)
Together At Last (2020)
Reign Bough Fiddle (2020)
Heart of the City (2018)
Waynestock (2018)